About Living In Light and what it is

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Living on light (or, Living in light), is famously known to be about light as the source of nutrition. A very advanced spiritual practice, or experience, the practitioner, when fully there or nearly there, is called a Light Being, feels that they gain nourishment from White Light of the Ether.

But most of Living in Light would rightfully - in my understanding of it - be about Consciousness, and about the whole lifestyle and living, not just food. And many can live "in the light" while still relying to some part on physical foods, whether for physical sustenance, or emotional comfort and balancing, or for grounding purposes, like an anchor keeping us down and preventing us from reaching all the way up into space.

Living In Light is really about having the Conscious mind that enables an experience of Living In Light. It will feel as if one transforms. The feeling is beautiful. And Light is all around. Food, then, becomes more about vibrations, whether taken in from physical source or higher above. But the best jewel of Living in Light, comes not from eating less denser foods, but from the feeling overall. From the living, the what you are and how you feel, in between meals.

My teachings of Living in Light, emphasize on the safer path, and that is what makes it the better path. You will eat whenever your body needs it, or whenever that you feel that you would enjoy it. Or for any other reason you feel drawn to eat something, you eat it! That is how you can begin to understand yourself, to learn consciously, and that gains your consciousness higher vibrations, and with that then you can begin to reach to this state of being called Living in Light!