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In a spur of passion I finally let through the Arcturian ones and have written nonstop for 60 book pages and will have a wonderful book ready for you all very soon! This one came about when I asked the question to our Arcturians, about "how can a Breatharian candidate use the light to actually gain weight and build body material?" So the book emphasizes particularly on that topic.

What bothers me every time, and for my own purposes also, is for those that even when it works to remain feeling comfortable while enjoying the Breatharian experience, I dislike having to see bodies that lose weight. Or how if once it is working, can one gain weight once it is done. So that is what resulted in a long series of conversations between two Arcturian fellows, as they will teach us all how to use the Light that we bring, in finally using it for the manifestations of body.

We will also teach how to change our form and manifest a new reality for our bodies here with us.

This book will be ready at least in e-form by the end of this year, and I would hope to have printed copies available also. Now, it is written directly by the Arcturians, so you will enjoy their style of writing, as they talk you through all of the esoterical about Living on Light, and creating substances such as the liquid light out of Ether.

Excerpt from the book, so that you shall believe that we are, in fact, finally in its creation:

" And, we now begin our journey onto what makes your shape, and why your shape should falter as you begin to not eat anything. Or when you begin to cry and to thirst when your lips do not drink. And why you are sad and you cry up upon the stars to feed you, and they will, but you will not have seen it, for as long as you have got sadness to see. " ~Arcturians

The Arcturians have a very funny way of speaking that may seem cryptic or difficult for some, for they use a different sequence of words to express more properly what they think. There will however be another version of the book, which is stated in "plain English", a translation if you so will. With which the above statement would read and be translated as,

" Let us now continue to discuss what it is that makes your body, and why your body starves and fades away normally when you do not eat anything. When there is sadness in you, or anything other that is an emotional imbalance, you would in those cases feel thirsty at the times when you do not drink. We know and we understand and hear you now that you are asking for ways, from beyond this world, from beyond the knowledge held herein, for how to be fully nourished and how to manifest and maintain body material. This nutrition is available, but only if you have the Consciousness and personal harmony and balance that aligns you with it. For as long as you carry sadness and other negative emotional aspects, you will not be in that alignment and balance, with which you would begin to manifest form, from pure light alone. And that is what we will begin to tell you about. "

The reason why Arcturians do not speak as in the "plain English" version, is because they are very receptive to feeling things. They feel the vibrational aspect of each sound and word that is used, and even the syntax and how you make sentences all becomes a symphony of its own. And the Arcturians will only speak things that are in balance. The plain English paragraph that was written, was in very much dissonance and dark and chopped up, and felt wrong, so it does not convey properly the felt message of the spoken word. So that is why.

I would hope that readers can embrace the original version, but if it does not make sense, because it does seem a bit cryptic and you might have to try to extract the purpose from within what reads sometimes almost like poetry, there will be a plain English version available later on. But you should always refer to the original Arcturian one because it conveys more message than what is just the spoken word, embedded deep within its poetry. So that is what the Arcturians say.