What is Breatharianism?

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Breatharianism is a religion centered on the practice of integrating oneself with the spiritual light and experiencing the many life changes that are involved with becoming a light being and letting that light nourish the human body, mind, and spirit.

There are two main forms of Breatharianism. One is the Pranic Breatharianism, centered on the practices of obtaining Prana for nourishment. Prana is a golden electrical substance that is found between the atoms and molecules and is similar to electric sparks and lightning buildup. Pranic Breatharians can practice yoga, tai chi or other similar body movements and breathing exercises and breathing to draw in the Prana into themselves. Prana is known to be found in the air, and this is where the word Breatharianism comes from, as breathing becomes a central source of this nourishment. Prana is also found to some extent floating around healthy forests and nature as well as in some fresh foods such as fruits and berries, and if eaten, is then the electrical spark buildup that is extracted from in between the actual physical dense matter.

The other form of Breatharianism is White Light Breatharianism. This is the one I practice and teach. The nourishment is a high vibrational white light substance found in the Ether. The Ether is the room that all space is in, and this is a place not associated with any atoms, it is in the space behind our space. White light is accessed by making one's own mind and vibrational aspect resonant by having the same vibrational level as it. That is when the white light can consider your own body and soul as part of its circuit and it enters into the human body through the top of the head through the seventh, violet chakra that now turns into a white chakra. The white light flows freely throughout the human body that is emotionally balanced and conscious enough to be resonant with the white light, and the aura of that person turns from black and colored to white, and we say that this person has become a light being.

The white light vibrates on such a high level that any foods available on earth have a lower vibration than it and so to eat food would imply ingesting something that lowers the sense of well-being and health. A light being is also conscious enough to sense the vibrational aspect of things and is able to feel the vibrational quality that a food holds whether by eating it or just thinking of it. Foods vibrationally repel to a light being, who no longer desires to eat them because foods no longer feel like themselves nor do foods feel better than they either. The interesting thing is that the physical body of a light being does not develop any signs of hunger or starvation while without eating low vibrational foods and the white light seems to be sufficient for physical body, mind and soul. White light offers a sense of nourishment and fulfillment that is not only spiritual, but the physical body of a light being seems to also find it satisfying sufficiently.

Breatharianism offers no strict set of guidelines or rules of how to act or approach this, and so is fundamentally freer than most religions or even lifestyles out there. The way that I experience and teach Light Breatharianism, emphasizes on the independence of a practitioner to do all the work themselves and to fully adapt any progress to their own personal experience. This freedom is essential to the very concept of consciousness, which runs throughout the enabling of this whole experience.

There is no starvation involved. A person genuinely lets go of hunger by replacing it with finding a spritual source of well-being and sustenance. And everybody who does feel a hunger, or even as much as a curiosity and being able to eat while still not in dissonance vibrationally with a food is by all means encouraged to eat. A practitioner of Breatharianism eats as long as they can, and the letting go of foods occurs as a natural and entirely genuine experience of having attained a higher vibrational self that truly repels the foods. And so long as this is genuine the physical human body does not develop any signs of being in trouble at all and in fact shows signs of being healthier and even more nourished than while on foods.