The Breathless State

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Dear Beautiful Things,

I distinguish two forms of Breatharianism. Pranic Breatharianism which feeds on the electrical golden sparks in between the atoms, found in the air and in nature. And the White Light Breatharianism that is nourished by the white light of the Ether, which exists in a separate space from this manifested world. Most Breatharians carry out the Pranic version of nonphysical sustenance, whereas my personal choice is that of the White Light nourishment. I have experienced both, and both have their own unique beauty.

One thing that happens during successful White Light Breatharianism is the natural spontaneous activation of the Breathless State. It simply means that the body naturally and on its own chooses not to breathe.

Glucose and oxygen

As it is understood by science, breathing takes place to take in oxygen from the air and into the blood as well as to place carbon dioxide from the blood and into the air. For humans who rely on physical food for sustenance, their main source of energy comes in the form of the glucose sugar. Glucose is the same as dextrose and also called blood sugar. Glucose is made by plants but used by animals who eat those plants. Glucose is made out of water and carbon dioxide and sunlight. The water and carbon dioxide construct the atoms for the glucose, and the sunlight becomes stored within the glucose. Glucose is a sunlight pill, a way for the humans to ingest some sunlight.

When we eat glucose, it goes into our cells and is processed in a way that uses oxygen that we breathed from the air to break up the glucose in order to get to the sunlight stored inside. That sunlight becomes chopped up into smaller pieces and stored in another chemical carrier called ATP. The ATP then go to all various places in our body to provide the tissues with sunlight so that mechanisms in the body can go uphill, or against the stream, so to say. Sunlight from the ATP gives various processes in the body that push that they need in order to move or to operate.

When glucose and oxygen make ATP, the glucose breaks apart back into the water and carbon dioxide it once was when the plant made this sunshine packet. Our body wants to get rid of the carbon dioxide, and that happens when we exhale (breathe out), the carbon dioxide leaves the blood stream and so does much of the water that was produced. If you breathe repeatedly into a plastic bag you will see condensation of the water coming from inside of your blood and exhaled through your breath.

ATP powers our muscles, our breathing (which is powered by a muscle), for our body to digest food and to construct or disassemble things in the body. Even our thoughts require energy, the brain uses ATP.

Fasting means to eat or drink less than what our body normally needs or that it is given. If we fast in a way that gives our body insufficient glucose for its needs, we are starving. The body begins to shut down functions that would use ATP in order to save ATP for the heart, lungs, brain and other more vital functions. We have low energy. Luckily the body stores some extra glucose in the form of glycogen, but glycogen storages can never last long before they run out. The body can push other chemicals besides glucose in order to make ATP but these are more cumbersome and less effective. The body breaks up fat in order to make ATP. Some of our fat is storage just for these emergencies. But even the fat runs out after some time and then the body breaks apart proteins. This state of starvation is very serious and eventually leads to organ failure and death.


When we exercise we are using our muscles more than we do ordinarily. That means that we need more ATP to power those muscles. The body needs more oxygen in order to produce the ATP out of glucose, and is producing more carbon dioxide that needs to be gotten rid of. A part of the brain called the medulla oblongata which is located closer to the spinal cord, is constantly taking measurements of the levels of carbon dioxide in our blood. When carbon dioxide levels are elevated, the medulla tells our diaphragm muscle which sits beneath the lungs to contract more frequently so that we breathe more often. So we start to breathe faster.

Another thing that happens is that the heart starts pumping faster, so that the blood can bring more oxygen to the muscles and take more carbon dioxide to the lungs for removal. When the energy from sunlight is used by our muscle carried to them by ATP that energy becomes converted into heat after it's been used by the muscles. The heat we have when we exercise is the sunlight escaping our body. So we experience that our body is getting hotter. The body deliberately chooses to put water on the surface of the skin, so that when the heat reaches the water it causes the water to "boil off" turning it into vapor, the water evaporates and takes the heat with it. This sweating makes it easier to get rid of that excess heat so that it has someplace to go.

So we breathe faster, our heart pumps faster, we get hot, and we sweat. And if we exercise too much or for too long, we start to experience cramps in our muscle or other reasons why we have to take a break.

So what happens if we are getting our sunlight from - sunlight?

The Breathless State

If we truly claim to have light as our source of energy then the system that uses energy via ATP should no longer be in effect? Would someone who lives on light still breathe? If you no longer are using glucose or other body metabolites to produce ATP, you no longer need oxygen, and you no longer are producing carbon dioxide and so breathing would no longer be necessary unless the body has other uses for breathing. Prana Breatharians would still need breathing as their main source of Prana in the air, but the Light Breatharians whose light enters in through the top of the head (and later through radiation from many additional areas) would no longer need to breathe?

The medulla oblongata would measure reduced levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. I have not come across in the medical literature any description of what happens when carbon dioxide levels are low enough to no longer mandate breathing, because this state should not have happened in any aerobic (breathing) organisms that have been studied. The medulla probably does however slow down breathing if carbon dioxide levels are low, so who is to know if it stops it altogether when it is no longer needed? It may be uncharted area.

Sometimes while in the experience of Light Breatharianism, I have what I call the Breathless State. I then find that my body all on its own stops the breathing. When it does, I feel more harmonious and aware than I do at other times when I am breathing. It is a beautiful experience that comes with no associated discomforts or reasons for concern. A Breathless State lasts for only a few seconds, but each Breathless State is long enough to make it significant and to grant it that name. In between Breathless States are one or a few shallow and slow long breaths that also seem reduced by far.

There are humans who practice "free diving". They spend time doing breathing exercises with deep harsh breaths to store extra oxygen in their tissues. They can then hold their breath for up to a few minutes while diving and need to bring no oxygen tanks with them. My Breathless States are not preceded by any excessive or deep breathing that would store extra oxygen in the body like a free diver does.

Could the body of a Breatharian have decided for some reason to store extra oxygen in the tissues and to simply have the body cease to breathe for short but still significant periods of time? Why would it do that? However the Breathless State occurs only when the spiritual/mental is in the right place, so even if it were the case of oxygen storage, this oxygen storage would be also activated by the "Breatharian state" overall. The overall Breatharian state is a state of mind that enables longer periods of not eating or drinking without the appearance of symptoms of starvation or dehydration that would otherwise appear.

Exercise while in the Breathless State

When I am in the Breathless State, something wonderful happens. When I am walking I do not feel the usual mild strain and work of the leg muscles. Instead the muscles have no sensation of friction or effort, it feels like "cutting through soft butter with a hot knife". Effortless, unphysical, light and ethereal. It is so lovely to walk that way. But another thing that happens, is that I quickly figure out that I can pick up pace, so I begin walking faster especially when it's uphill, and still no feeling of extra strain even though I've just picked up the pace.

I notice that I do not feel the "work" in my body while walking, or walking faster. There was this really steep hill on my way to school several years ago. The hill is so steep I would almost call it vertical. Every time I reached the top of that hill I would be walking very slowly, my calves aching and me sweating and heart pounding. It was just long enough not to make me have to rest in the middle. But once during a Breathless State I ran up that hill with big strides and felt no effort whatsoever. It was during a Breatharian experience. I also remember running up another hill effortlessly and being amazed by the elegance with which I could move.

The Breathless State is wonderful, and during it I like to walk fast or run, because I can. If I exercise during a Breathless State, I am holding my breath by natural causes, and the heart will not pound faster, the lungs will not ask for breathing, I feel absolutely no work or strain in the muscles, the muscles feel like they would be made out of air or ethereal substance there is absolutely no bodily sensation there (which is wonderful and feels liberating), and I do not get hot or sweat.

Breathless States are wonderful. They also always come with a heightened sense of awareness and the body instantly feels more comfortable to be in. I never try to have a Breathless State but I welcome them when they come. Due to being able to exercise while in a Breathless State and in a superior much improved manner and without the symptoms of heat, sweat, increased heartbeat and breathing and no strain in the muscle, it suggests that the body might not be using the glucose-ATP system at all while in a "Breathless State".

A word of caution

Do not try to hold your breath in order to mimic some spiritual experience or to force one to activate. The Breathless State happens naturally if it chooses to. While your body is still using glucose and ATP for energy source, don't forget that this is still light, only it is light packaged by a plant into a denser chemical that can be swallowed and incorporated into denser tissue! Love the glucose and ATP, because they too are giving you light.