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Living in Light, more than anything, needs courage. For it is difficult to be different in this world. And so vastly different, as where light brings you. For these two worlds are so wide apart and different, the one of light and this denser darker one where man needs food to eat and lives in the denser thoughts and behaviors. Courage to set free and to be yourself, when you are a Little Light Being in This World. A Light to shine, when the rest of the world around you is dark.

And that light in you is yours alone.

All Things influence one another, Merge

This world lives a dance of its own, where all things matter are in fact a vibration. Watercolors in the sea, mixing and merging, influencing one another. One color becomes another, until all colors are the same. Vibrationally speaking.

Think about it. How some certain things make you feel a certain way when you are exposed to them. When you listen to music it can change how you feel, the vibration and mood that resonates within you. How people speak to you, and their thoughts and vibration, affects your vibration. We must remember that the Light Being is still rare in this world. There are only a few of us, and so many of everybody else. Our light will easily drown among the sea of darkness, unless we find the courage to SHINE!

When we meet another person, their vibration will more than likely be lower than ours. Think of it as the volume on a stereo giving out a sound. Volume ranges on a sliding scale. The volume of a Light Being is very high, the volume of planet Earth and humans is typically very low. We are talking from black to white. Most humans resonate on black vibrations, the light being is on the far other end.

Most people come to this world to be part of it to be what the vibration around you is. You so easily become a mirror reflection image of what is around you. Who you are is what you have around you. And you adopt the same frequencies and vibrational harmony as those around you. And to step into this as a Light Being can be very difficult. Because you drown in a sea of dark. The Light of a Light Being is easily extinguished!


It takes courage to dare to say no and to dare to hold on to your light. Many of us also feel that we need separation from other humans. We do not want to be anywhere near their lower vibrations. Living in this world becomes difficult when we align ourselves with the Light, unless we learn to use courage. We also begin to shape what is around us. The people and circumstances in our lives will begin to shift, as we grow higher in vibration, so will the things around us change toward the light.