Emotional Cleansing!

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After years of research I have come to the conclusion that the work we need to do in order to reach Breatharianism is almost entirely emotional work! That makes it both easy and hard! It makes it easy because now we know what specific problems to tackle and dive in to and where to find them. But hard because emotional work is some of the hardest yet most rewarding things you will ever do in this life.

Emotions are our creation and we make them out of nonphysical substances. It is like singing a song, we create waves and notes that express our heart and feelings at any time and we send them off into the universe for it to feel who we are. Everything we emanate touches the world around us, and it touches us with its feelings from around. We store our emotions in our nonphysical body. And the emotions shape the very fabric of our nonphysical body. The nonphysical body in turn shapes the physical body that is wrapped around it. And so when our emotions suffer, our nonphysical suffers, and our physical suffers by manifesting various physical expressions of illness. And when our emotions heal, our nonphysical heals the same, and so does our physical. Our physical body is in part a radiation of our emotions.

The human body has seven main chakras. In order to enable living on light, all seven chakras must be open and active so that their seven colors turn back into white light in enabling the white light to consider your body a part of its home. Every emotion belongs to its respective chakra depending on the consciousness level of that emotion. Emotions are not rated for consciousness level based on the "feel" or "vibe" of the emotion, no, the emotions are ranked in consciousness based on their understanding, in consciousness.

As one example out of seven, any emotions dealing with the interaction between two people in a mutual relationship belongs to the fourth chakra the green one. And whether that be a positive and benevolent good-feeling emotion of relations of love and harmony, or whether that emotion deals with unhealthy relationships and hurt, they both belong to - and regulate - the green heart chakra in the chest.

To be capable of loving and harmonious relationships means that your green chakra is open. But it then needs to also be active or balanced and so there needs to be an absence of relationship troubles. Consciousness opens, and balanced positive emotions with a lack of negative ones activate. And so it goes for all seven chakras, and their respective emotions.

Chakras are regulated not only by current emotions but the nonphysical energy body also has a memory of all your emotional hurts from your entire life. If you were ever startled or scared as a young child, then that will most likely be in there. Old conflicts of the past that were never resolved. Even if you feel ok about them now, or even if you think about the problem that you once had and you think that if it happened today it would not be a source of emotional hurt. They are still in there, and each of these negative emotions - whether current or past - will be a thorn that prevents your light body from activation and perfect alignment.

Living on light requires two things: consciousness, and unconditional love. Consciousness opens up the energy body, and unconditional love then balances the nonphysical body and the very substance that flows throughout the open chakras.

Love and Consciousness brings Light

The journey is difficult, it is as difficult as learning to feel unconditional love towards yourself and toward others. That can be harder than it seems at first glance! So many of you out there think that living on light is activated by somehow "enduring" long periods of fasting during which you'd experience physical symptoms of discomfort. I can tell you that activating living on light can totally avoid any experiences of fasting, enabling you to eat merry all the way through (though, successively and naturally letting go of the densest of foods!) and never experiencing or enduring any sensations of hunger or physical weakness, nor what I call "the visceral state".

Emotional cleansing will only take you as far as your chakras are opened by consciousness. If your consciousness is inadequate to reach beyond the 7th step then emotional cleansing will not be good enough. But emotional cleansing is part of the process either way and will certainly bring you closer by raising your vibrations closer to that of light.

Do you think that you have no emotional hurts inside of your nonphysical body? Well, let's do a quick test. This is gonna get tricky as you'll see! Did somebody ever hurt you and you have not forgiven that person? Did somebody ever hurt you and you do not love that person just as much as you love your own child or mother? Do you love a perfect stranger as much as you love your significant other (though perhaps not in the same way)? Are there groups of people in this world whom you despise? Do you feel stress in your life? Do you ever get bored? These are just some of the many indicators. If you answered 'yes' to even one of these, then you do not have unconditional love. But don't worry. You can, and you will.

Unconditional love is more tricky than we think. It takes far more than a thought of trying it out, or of choosing to think "loving" thoughts of oneself and of others. If it becomes a purely intellectual feat, then it is not working. Love is a feeling, not a thought, it is an emotion. Unconditional love encompasses all the chakras and is a type of an emotion that does not belong to one particular chakra out of the seven ones. Instead, unconditional love is an emotion that has a chakra all of its own. This special extra chakra is not one of the seven main ones and this is the pink chakra. The pink chakra is smaller in size than the seven main ones, and it sits near the green fourth chakra but in front of it and slightly above.

A person who is capable of unconditional love tends to quickly sew their seven chakras together into the white light and they get a white aura that then shines with some pink at the chest. And all the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are gone in the light being as they all together became the enabling of light. They are all still there, but when white light is not decomposed into colors it remains white, or becomes white again.

Unconditional love cannot be faked. But everyone is encouraged to try expressing it. But if you have deep hidden hurts inside that you try to mask with an outward fasade of unconditional love, then God will still see your pains and know that you are in need of the love in your heart.

One way of doing emotional cleansing is to work on the emotions which you are aware of. I will elaborate on the appropriate methods elsewhere.

The other way to do emotional cleansing deals with the deeper hidden emotions that are lodged outside of our awareness. These things will surface if we try to push our nonphysical into a higher state where it emotionally cannot resonate and so the emotions that are holding it back, dislodge and become known. The path to living on light involves a lot of crying and maybe even temper fits. When an emotional blockage - which is what I in some situations call a negative emotion - makes itself known you have two choices: acknowledge it by eating the physical slow-vibrational foods that resonate with it and that the emotion is making you crave for and so the emotional became able to manifest itself in the physical via the food and all is in balance, albeit at a lower-vibrational state than the light. Or process and heal the emotion by giving it consciousness by acknowledgeing and truly listening to and accepting the emotion and then showing it unconditional love which heals it and it transforms into something that supports you being the light of All.

If you suffer from an emotional blockage, it will hold you resonant with a lower-vibrational food. And these foods usually are pizza, hamburgers, ice-cream, chocolate, coffee... - all those dense foods that we think we should despise the most as "spiritual beings" but they are exactly what you crave for and what makes you finally break the fast! Cause, what do people do when they have an argument, or when they are feeling sad and sorry for themselves? Even the people who would never try Breatharianism know that when they feel emotionally miserable they reach for the nasty comfort food, because it just makes them feel so right.

If we "solve" the negative emotions as they appear, by using consciousness and unconditional love, we will instantly feel when it is effective and the emotional energy changes from something negative and into light. We feel better spiritually and mentally, and then our body feels better too, and if the negative emotion had manifested itself in a particular hunger for a dense food, once solved, the hunger goes away and the comfort food need not be eaten, as when that comfort food is now no longer craved and is not eaten, the body does not develop signs of deficiency. Because nonphysical and physical are in balance.

One more time: if our nonphysical body is at a lower vibrational level, because we are carrying negative emotions and hurt (as well as unconsciousness, but that's a different matter), then the nonphysical wants to manifest a physical body that is at that same lower vibrational quality. The nonphysical and physical always want to "stay together" and be the same. The nonphysical body is regulated by our emotions (and other things, but here let's focus on the emotions). And the physical body is regulated by what we eat (simply put, there is more to be said about that).

And: the physical body needs a constant source of material to manifest itself. If we cease to eat and we are not aligned with a source of light, then the body is now cut off from a source of material and begins to disintegrate, but another thing that happens is that the physical begins to rise up to a higher level now while in the absence of dense physical foods. Think of our conventional foods like anchors, like those heavy chunks of metal thrown into the sea to keep the boat from drifting away. The vibration of the body begins to rise up and up when we do not eat. Even humans who love food like to say that they are feeling "light-headed" when they have not eaten in a while. But there are two reasons why a regular person cannot simply stop eating and rise up in physical vibrations.

If the nonphysical of the person is not up on a higher level, then as the body is rising up when not eating, then the physical and nonphysical are not together. So the person feels the emotional need to eat something heavy and grounding to get back again. But the most important reason is that if the body is not connected with a source of food from light then without physical foods it has nothing to build itself from.

When we shift our nonphysical up, then the physical can come up there with us too and in fact it will want to.

There is so much to be said about this topic. For instance, why do you think that so many people who are very spiritual and more benevolent and compassionate than average people (well, because for instance they care about homeless people and animals and the environment) are vegetarians and vegans? People who are selfish and angry people could never fix their hunger by just eating a vegetarian meal. We all need the foods that resonate with our own vibrational level of the nonphysical. We all need to eat, but we all want to eat the things that vibrate the same as our nonphysical. And much of the nonphysical is made up of our emotions.

A lot of people try to reach Breatharianism by doing it the physical way. A physical approach means that they gradually take away the denser foods so that the physical body begins to rise up to higher vibrations. But the problem is, if you are not bringing your nonphysical body with it, then the two will be separate and starvation and suffering results. Sure, your body feels lighter and the physical body feels as if it is reaching into something higher vibrational. But emotionally you feel bad, and the body begins to develop signs of starvation.

Meanwhile if you just work on raising up the nonphysical emotional body then that can be done safely and comfortably, as well as effectively. You can work on your emotional body all you want and nobody can come up to you to say that you may be causing yourself some harm. Everybody agrees that working on healing our emotional hurts is a good thing. The only thing that cures an alcoholic or the person who is addicted to comfort foods for emotional reasons, is to fix the nonphysical problems that are manifesting the physical problems. If someone has a huge terrible emotional hurt inside, then they will be desperately drawn to similar foods that feel just as bad. When the emotions are suffering, the person needs to make the physical body suffer too. So many people hurt themselves with food. It is because they are hurting emotionally. The use of harmful drugs and alcohol is just another form of use of "foods", ie. physical things that we consume, that alter the body to make it a perfect match of how we feel and who we are on the nonphysical.

Another interesting thing is that a lot of people with severe emotional hurts are actually drawn to living on light specifically to hurt themselves! The attempts at not eating or drinking, manifest for many people serious symptoms of weight loss, weakness, and physical harm. Why is that? A lot of people who are anorectic or bulimic they have in fact confidence issues, which always boils down one way or the other to lack of love (see how unconditional love cures that?). Not everybody who tries living on light is in fact an emotionally pure and spiritually superior being. Many of the people who attempt this are in fact using non-eating as a form of manifesting their heartaches. If you feel a lack of love, you absolutely want the physical body to manifest and show "a lack" as well. Because the physical and the nonphysical are best buddies, they always want to be together and be the same, in the good and in the bad. When one suffers, the other one must too. Because at least they are together.

The physical approach is not to be recommended. The only time the physical approach works is if you're amazing at picking up on every single emotional blockage (and lack of consciousness) that arises when you do not eat or drink and then solve those by consciousness and unconditional love. But the problems of this method are several. For one, most people do not know how to go about without eating food. For instance, how many of you think that if you are trying to go on without eating and drinking, that if a hunger appears you are supposed to eat? And that it is ok to eat? And how many of you can believe that eating when hungry is in fact the most spiritual and consciousness-advancing thing to do? A lot of you try to be warriors, to endure the pain and the hunger in attempts of forcing the physical body to get up there in the higher vibrational realms. But then there are signs of starvation. Which many of you dismiss as signs of detoxification, or tell yourselves that they are illusions and that they can be ignored and replaced by spiritual wishful thinking. But then it gets worse, and you suffer, and you wish to eat, energy levels are low, the body develops ketosis, weight loss, and can even die. Why is that?

You love yourself so much that you are not going to leave yourself behind, even if it kills you to always stay with you. Sure, you could stop eating and your body could drift up and live on light when your nonphysical body is not up there... but that would be like abandoning yourself, and all of your emotions. A lot of you would want to just instantly switch into a spiritual and conscious being that can live on light. But there really are problems of emotion and lack of consciousness that need to be healed and found. There are discoveries to be made about who you are! If you could go instantly up to a lifestyle of living on light, you would never get to know how beautiful you are or how much you are loved. There are tasks to be made, lessons of life, and emotional healing to take place. All to build up that consciousness and unconditional love, because you are the universe getting to know itself all over again, in love.

What I am saying should not be taken as a let down. Those of you who were inclined to thinking of a physical method (and many of you have tried a physical method, and failed, many times, and struggle with this) might think that this all sounds like things are harder than you thought they were. But things are only different.

Change your nonphysical body first, and then the physical will follow

The reason you can't change your physical first and expect the nonphysical to follow, is because you are your nonphysical, not your physical. Trying to change the physical first is like changing the clothes you are wearing and hoping that it somehow changes who you are. The physical body will always be a manifestation of who you are, albeit it does need food in order to manifest itself, but you will always be in need of the foods that resonate with your nonphysical. And if you want your foods to be the light, then your nonphysical must get way up there where the light is.

The nonphysical approach lets you work on your emotions. And it's as simple as that. And you rise higher and higher up vibrationally, reaching unimaginable heights in beauty and love and conscious awareness, a place of spirituality, light, and understanding. In fact, those of you who are drawn to the concept of living on light are drawn to this higher place, this is where you intuitively want to go, because you all know - without knowing! - that this is where you will find yourself! Breatharianism is a spiritual place where we know and love ourselves. And the mere matter that we then seem to be able to go on without physical food, is just a little bitty consequence. It is your spirit that shines. And then the body does.

So. Guess what? You know all those times when you've tried Breatharianism and then after a while you feel like you would really love some cake. But then you think that your body is probably doing just fine (physical approach!) and if you only endure long enough your craving will go away and living on light will begin! The nonphysical approach lets you never say no to any craving. Imagine how much fun it would be to both eat, and be moving closer toward spiritual Breatharianism? Both? Yes! Here's how!

If you are doing the physical approach, you are basically taking away the denser anchoring foods one by one (and I call this method "the food ladder") and hoping that you can somehow kick this primitive body of yours to higher and higher levels. But this is just the same as when you take that big dog out for a walk and it doesn't want to walk and you end up dragging the poor old pooch by the collar and then kicking at it and it just won't move. How much fun is that, compared to a well trained dog who loves to walk beside you where ever you go? Don't kick your physical body around. And I know that a lot of you are doing just that. I have done some of that too, until I realized that it is not a physical, but a nonphysical approach that really works.

I know that some of you are sitting there and wanting to have that beautiful spiritual experience of consciousness and light which you know is out there and is calling for you. But then you feel those cravings for food and kind of wish you could have some of both worlds. Yet you know that when you eat something your body has just swallowed an anchor and it is weighing you down again and gone is that glimpse of feeling "light-headed" (as our eating friends love to call it) that we were trying to hold on to. And then some of you do what I really recommend against, and you purge to get that food out.

Please don't purge. Don't induce vomiting or use laxatives. Why? Aren't we supposed to reject dense foods in order to become more higher-vibrational and reach a Breatharian state? The trick you are going to discover which is just absolutely amazing, is that foods are only parts of yourselves! So every time you reject or feel ashamed of foods, well guess what that is? Are you really hating on that food? What IS food? Food is a part of YOUR EMOTIONS! Here's how it works:

If you feel angry, you want some angry dense heavy foods that make your body feel angry. If you feel sad you want some sad foods that make your body feel sad and out of physical balance. If you feel deprived of love, you want to deprive your body of food so that it also feels the deprivation and emptiness. But if you feel shame, you are going to eat and then feel ashamed of the food. This is probably going to be the greatest discovery you will ever make while on the Breatharian journey. Let's say you were trying to be Breatharian and you ate some cake, and then you feel guilty of having eaten that because it lowered your vibrations and ruined all your hard work of trying to kick the body up to a higher vibrational level by using the food ladder approach. You didn't really just eat a physical food. You just experienced a symbolism representing who you are and how you are feeling. Namely? You are having some emotional problems and you don't accept yourself or love yourself unconditionally, and so that "cake" which is in fact one of your "emotions" which resonates the same as that food, you end up hating the food but instead you are really hating on your emotion. Foods are only here to teach us about how we are feeling, and to manifest who we are.

So every time you eat something with regret or have it purged out, you are in fact acting in the lack of unconditional love, as well as acting in unconsciousness. Quite the opposite of what you were thinking, wasn't it? Here's where, once you realize this thing, you are going to be cheerful and go and eat that cake so open-heartedly and lovingly and you are going to embrace every minuscule piece of vibration that that cake offers to your body and you are going to embrace it as a part of you. Because... when you are able to eat a food and accept it into your physical body, what is really happening is that you are embracing the nonphysical emotion that is happening behind the scenes, in the nonphysical. When you realize that the food is a picture of your emotion, you realize that you have just found a long lost missing part of yourself. And then you will love that food more than ever. If none of this makes sense when reading it, it really is not an intellectual task but an emotional one. It needs to be felt. Not read. But you can do it.

The best part about the nonphysical approach, is that you get to eat everything you could possibly ever want to eat. No more food denial, no more pushing away of hungers or cravings. Every single food that appeals to you - go for it! As that is precisely what you need to be doing to build yourself up to Breatharianism! The acceptance and openness to welcoming and allowing hungers and food curiosities - is an act of consciousness. And the acceptance and embracement of the act of eating, is an act of unconditional love.

I will rewrite this material many more times and on other pages so that you can read it all again and again. It is not a trick. It really is the best method for Breatharianism. Here's how it works:

If you become hungry for a food but you deny yourself of that food, what was really happening was that you had an emotion that was asking yourself if you love yourself, and you said no, that I don't love myself. And then your physical body did not get the love it needs and starts to suffer, and Breatharianism doesn't happen, even though you thought that by rejecting food you were doing the spiritual thing needed to activate it. But if instead you acknowledge your food curiosity, and say to yourself "I am conscious of all of my feelings. My body wants to eat something? OF COURSE I am going to eat what the body asks! Because I just love myself that much! Here you go, let's go and eat that food, because giving to myself what I need will never make me less spiritual." And you eat the food, openly, consciously, and lovingly. And the body says to you, "This was just a test. I just wanted to test you, to see if you really loved me or not. And now that I know you do love me, I don't have to test you again." And the hunger goes away.

This is how I cured a several years long ice-cream addiction where I was eating a big bucket of ice-cream nearly every day. That's 1.4 liters of ice-cream a day. I always knew that I was eating ice-cream as a substitute for love. You see, I had been in a loveless relationship but the thing he always did was buy me ice-cream when we went out. He didn't cuddle me or tell me that he loved me, but when he bought me ice-cream for dessert I could feel that at least he noticed that I was there. After a while in the relationship, I started to suffer from the fact that he did not love me. Why did he not love me? When I ate ice-cream, I could replicate the same feeling that I had when I was with him and when I had imagined all those years that ice-cream meant that I was loved. And just look at those massive quantities of ice-cream I was eating! We sure want to feel so much loved don't we! I needed love to the equivalent of 1.4 liters of it! And every day I needed to feel loved!

Then one day I decided to dare to look into the emotions I was having, and I had a little talk with myself. I told myself, "Look, listen. I know that I'm eating this ice-cream because my boyfriend never loved me. I know that I feel loved when I eat that ice-cream. But you know what? I really love myself. I really do." And what I did then, was to imagine the loving feeling I feel when I am eating ice-cream, and I replicated that feeling in my mind and gave that to myself. "Here, I love myself." Just like that. And years of ice-cream addiction was gone and never returned. And I finally started losing the excess weight I had been struggling with.

That is how we cure a hunger. By consciousness, we dare to look at how we are feeling rather than hating it and closing our eyes to it. And by unconditional love, by giving ourselves the feeling that we are getting from the food, and only then is food no longer needed as the carrier of the love and sustenance that we now, as conscious love can give to ourselves.

Ok, so how does this all tie into the possibility of living without any eating? Can we just solve every hunger individually by using consciousness and unconditional love, and suddenly our bodies don't need to eat anymore? Actually, the answer is yes, but I am not allowed to say that. Because if you think that it is so, then you will try to apply it but if you're not fully there then the physical body will suffer and starve and you could get in trouble. What I am saying is, that yes that is how it works and that is how it happens, but the problem is that it is not as easy as it sounds. The amounts of consciousness and unconditional love that is needed to reach to a level of nonphysical nourishment is massive! We are talking what Jesus and the Angels is! We are talking some seriously spiritually advanced consciousness here! It is not something everyone can do in half an afternoon like a day in the park. The transformations are huge. But if you just keep working on it, little by little, gradually, you will find your physical self lifting up when your nonphysical does. Keep working at it, but don't expect to get ready just like that. Enjoy the path that leads you there. Live in the now, and not in the future goal of Breatharianism.

I'm not saying you can't, I'm just saying it's too easy to get ahead of yourself and fall off the train altogether. Also, if you only look at the goal of Breatharianism and wish you were there right now, that is also another form of unconsciousness that blocks you from reaching it, because you would be acting in unconsciousness and a lack of love toward your current self. It's kind of an irony, the thing that teaches us unconditional love.

Only once you are able to love yourself when you are ugly,
are you able to become beautiful

That's like saying "I would like to be rich. But look, I am poor now! Oh how I love to be poor!" It's like backwards thinking, and it's really hard and tricky to fathom. But that's how unconditional love works. Yet, there is no way to trick it. There is no way to make it an intellectual task, to simply think or pretend or assume that "oh I'll just say that to myself and then that will be that". No, it really is an amazing feat when you truly figure out this unconditional love-thing. And you really have to wrap your head around it yourself, there's no way to read it off a text. So keep working at it, but at least feel confident knowing that you are actually meant to eat all the foods that you crave, while you are walking towards the light, so that'll make it easier for you. Food can be fun, right? Have fun! Eat! You are munching on your feelings! And you have to incorporate your feelings into yourself.

Because when you eat a food that you would like to eat, you are being loving toward yourself. It is very dangerous to detach from the idea of a physical reality until we actually reach a true point where the physical illusion bursts, because as long as we are in the physical reality, it remains fully real and rules over our reality and consequences. But it really is so, that the physical is just an illusion. But if you tell yourself that the physical isn't really there, but you are still in the physical, then that's like trying to fly without wings, you will fall. But once your wings are there, you really can fly. But you have to get there first. The physical illusion doesn't burst until it really does, and before it does so it remains fully real and with real and possibly dire consequences. This is where belief comes in. But you can't just tell yourself to break the illusion and thereby to be free of the restraints and limitations of the physical, because if you try to live by this freedom before you really can, then the physical reality still holds you under and the consequences are real. Just know that it's up ahead, but that you're probably not there yet.

Now you are going to ask: "So if I eat all the foods I am craving, how does that make Breatharianism?" There is a beautiful little secret that happens, one that I would love to let you discover on your own. Did you know that real mystics who know all these things would never tell you this secret? Isn't it frustrating when spiritual mentors and guides answer a pressing question with, "You will know when the time is right". But the reason they do that, is because if they tell you, then you will keep expecting it to happen, and that keeps it from happening. But I will tell you the secret.

If you manage to learn to eat a food fully consciously and lovingly, that is precisely when the food ceases to be needed anymore. And if you manage to "unlock" the hidden mystery of the food before you eat it, then no eating needs to take place, the hunger just vanishes and goes away. Or sometimes it needs you to actually start eating it, but you only get a few little pieces into it before the illusion of the food breaks and you stop to eat. The reason this "secret" should not be told is because now some of you will be thinking it and expecting it, as an intellectual exercise. And that is never going to work. And the reason why you can't just be let to embark freely on several attempts, is because some of you are going to think that you've mastered the skill of unlocking the illusion of food and then you stop to eat and think all is fine - when in fact your body still lives by the rules of physical reality, and your body can start to starve.

Starvation in itself is really harmful, but the worse is when some of you refuse to listen to those signs of starvation and push yourself further, in hopes that "it will all even out soon, just around the corner", or when you tell yourselves that "those are only signs of detoxification". They say that yogis who have mastered the skill of unlocking the illusion of physical reality and food, can drink poison or subject themselves to a vast different things that would normally be harmful or even uncomfortable, but they are oblivious to the harm, and they can even endure longer times of not eating. I have gone from omnivore eating which means lots of meals and meat and all the notoriously "bad dense stuff" that we Breatharian aspirants appreciate the least, and stepped right into the Breatharian state in an instant, without any signs of this so-called detoxification.

When the state of Breatharianism is activated, it can be an immediate transformation. No gradual physical process may be needed. The problem is that so many of you mistake real signs of the physical body being out of balance and treat those as if they were only expected or even desirable detoxification symptoms, and meanwhile your body is being harmed, and you are suffering tremendously. That is one of the problems with the "food ladder", the physical approach.

Let me tell you, that when your physical body is starving, you are acting in unconsciousness and with the lack of unconditional love toward yourself. Your physical body is a part of your self, and if you are able to harm your physical self then that indicates to a lack of love toward your nonphysical self, and all indicative of emotional imbalance, which in turn means that your nonphysical body is not ready and that the nonphysical body cannot bring the physical body up to the Breatharian state as it is.

Eat while you can, because if you reach farther into Breatharianism and it really kicks in, then you won't be able to eat. But for as long as food really is appealing to you in any way, it may still be some of what your physical needs for sustenance, and you are only loving by eating those things that benefit you. And remember - sometimes when you find yourselves craving the food that we frown upon and that are denser and that you know will make you feel denser and heavier and that ruin your feeling of spirituality - those tend to be exact manifestations of emotions within, emotions that you might also choose to frown upon, and that are denser, and that make you feel denser and heavier, and that ruin your feeling of spirituality. One and the same.

Eating with consciousness and unconditional love is what makes you perhaps one day able to no longer need eating. Because you will have learned consciousness and unconditional love. But don't take my word for it. Don't make it into an intellectual exercise, one where you "think" you know how this is done and the order of sequence.

You don't let go of food - it lets go of You

For as long as you crave food, you must eat. You must eat because your body still needs it for physical balance, and you must eat because food is a lesson of love. And for as long as food is able to teach you anything about yourself, or of your emotions, lessons that you should be or could be doing to yourself, food is not going to let you go, because food loves you, and so does your body, and they are only here to teach you love. Remember, if you hold any aversions against food, it is indicative that deep inside you hold similar aversions against some of your emotional body.

Every craving, whether due to a physical hunger or an emotional hunger, is a cry out from you for love and consciousness. And the best thing you can do is to eat, until you learn the lessons behind it. The lessons that make an alcoholic finally give up their drinking habits, or the lesson of love that I had that finally made me able to let go of that ice-cream. Only then is food demystified, and only then does food become "something else". And that "something else" is in fact the things that you extract from food, from deep within it, from behind it, that teach you something about consciousness and love. That consciousness and love then becomes what feeds you. You will see.

But the emphasis here is that you cannot go out and venture out on your own before you are ready. You do not do the food ladder thing to gradually take away the foods from your body that it still needs because of the state of your emotional and nonphysical body. That is like going out into the deep sea without a lifevest on before you can even swim. First you learn to swim, then you take the lifevest off.

Eat with consciousness and love, not regret and dismissal. And learn the emotions that your body has. Solve the emotions and many of your hungers go away, as you emotionally rise, the body too will now crave higher vibrational foods only. Eat any and all foods that interest you, and let them let go of you when they have taught you the lessons of consciousness and love that they represent in disguise. Only then can physical food, be replaced by nonphysical food. Do it safe, and never allow your body to starve.

And first you learn to soar in your nonphysical, and then the body will follow

God Bless You All