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Breatharianism is the experience that the body can go for longer without needing to eat or drink. But is there evidence that such a "Breatharian state" can occur? And for how long could one possibly maintain such a Breatharian state? And is it safe if they do?

These are important questions. We don't want Breatharianism to be a cult that promises its practitioners the super power of being able to not eat or drink, if that cannot be achieved, nor safely. It is very important to examine the promises made by alternative religious cults. This kind of thing could quickly become dangerous if we're not careful.

It all seems like a nice idea, doesn't it? But have any of the "gurus" and teachers actually done long-term Breatharianism? And if they have, should they even inspire others to do the same?

Not only am I someone who has experienced the so-called "Breatharian state", but I am also a student of medical science, and these questions need to be addressed.

*I am not going to promise something that isn't possible
*And I am not going to advocate something that could be dangerous

What then is Breatharianism? Breatharianism is not the same as starvation or simply "not eating". Breatharianism is a very interesting physiological reaction that puts the body and mind at ease during times of fasting. Here's why it is interesting:

If a person simply does not eat or drink, the body develops signs of hunger, thirst, and mental and physical symptoms of substance deprivation. But - if a person activates the Breatharian state by doing things differently in their mind - something happens, via the mind-body connection, where for the same mechanical factor, ie. the same foods and drink are no longer taken, but the condition of body and mind are entirely different.

The "Breatharian state" is a real condition, and it is activated by the spiritual mind-body connection.

The Breatharian state is also not about denial or suppression of symptoms of deprivation that might be there. We are not talking people who are pretending that they are fine.

Not only is body and mind "fine" during the Breatharian state, but both body and mind are doing far better while in a Breatharian state, than while in the eating and drinking state! And that is what makes it interesting.

If the mouth is moist while we eat and drink, and the mouth is dry when we have deprivation - the mouth is even moister when in the Breatharian state.

If the mental is clear while we eat and drink, and the mental is weak and tired when we have deprivation - the mental is even clearer when in the Breatharian state.

If we feel healthy while we eat and drink, and we feel weak and dying while having deprivation - we feel even healthier while in the Breatharian state.

The Breatharian state is this wonderful physiological and mental/spiritual state which is far more comfortable than anything we can achieve while eating and drinking. But it is not for everyone. Typically, only people who already have a spiritual calling to do the Breatharian state, will be drawn to it - and those are also the only people who can activate it with the mind-body connection that is required to enable it!

Scientifically speaking, the "Breatharian state" is a real physiological condition which brings about the appearance of not needing to eat or drink, and hunger and thirst go away, energy levels are higher than while we eat, the senses of perception are vastly heightened, and we feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually WONDERFUL. It is not an automatic or a spontaneous occurrence that happens simply from "not eating or drinking" - it requires elements of mind, consciousness, and emotions, to be "in the right place".

However - also scientifically speaking - I do not at this time have evidence that "the Breatharian state" could be anything beyond a normal physiological, and strictly biological and physical, occurrence. For instance at this time, my leading hypothesis is that Breatharianism is nothing but what is known as ketosis. That the body would be feeding off its fat resources, and that the amazing energy levels and spiritual experience, are nothing but what happens when we are slurping on fat-source ketones, as opposed to the glucose that we normally get from our food.

I have had brief correspondence with a Swedish doctor of medicine who specialises in obesity and dietary issues, and he found my hypothesis that Breatharianism may be the result of ketosis, to be an interesting possible explanation.

Come on guys, there are Breatharian teachers and gurus out there who claim to "never eat or drink". But are they telling the truth? If I said that I "never eat or drink", I would be lying. The Breatharian state, in which we feel that we don't need to eat or drink and we have heightened energy levels and a spiritual euphoria, is a real experience. But that does not mean that it is not of physical or biological origin as opposed to having a spiritual or external origin. And just because the Breatharian state lasts for perhaps weeks or even months, does not mean that it is possible permanently.

If someone claims to be a Breatharian who "never eats or drinks", yet they have occasional water or fruit juice, they might rationalize in their own mind that "oh that's not much at all, surely that's not enough to keep me alive". But sure it is. Even a small intake of fruit, helps to spare our body from burning up its own muscle, and contains enough sugar to let our fat reserves last longer and gives that extra boost that makes "Breatharianism" last for longer.

If Breatharianism is possible long-term and permanently, then the people who claim so should be able to prove it. But undoubtedly they all eat and drink "a little bit" every now and then, but they don't want to mention that. They might think that it's not much or worthy of mention. But then they give the wrong impression to the people who are listening to them.

I am definitely not trying to kill the idea of Breatharianism! I am only saying that we can't paint a picture of Breatharianism that goes far beyond its actual capabilities. If it can't be done permanently, then keeping a hold of the "utopia" of it being possible long-term will only lead to frustrations and disappointment and the potential for harm. And while each person can push that mind-body connection to different lengths, some cannot meet the ideals and a few people have died while trying to.

But - I am willing to study and research this Breatharian thing. And starting with me. And if I eat or drink I don't have to do that in secret. I am not ashamed of eating when I do - if I were ashamed of eating then that would be an eating disorder, so watch out for that one, guys.

Breatharianism is real. It is a real and interesting state of not having to eat or drink for extended periods of time due to the mind-body connection and spiritual activation. But the question is - is it due to ketosis, or is there a spiritual nutritional substance or does it only seem that way? And how long can the Breatharian state be maintained? Is the body only living on its own fat reserves? Can it be done permanently? These are all questions that science can answer.

I am a Breatharian, but I am also a scientist. I can do both.

As for me personally, ever since I stepped into college five years ago I have not been practicing Breatharianism or fasting other than during long semester breaks. I am still not done with college, but I am feeling the calling back to Breatharianism. I will be keeping a log and journal of my progress. It is always quick to bounce back to where I left off, and I am excited to begin.

I wish I could test Breatharianism while under medical supervision, so that I could have my blood pressure, urine composition, hydration levels, body fat percentage, vital signs, etc, monitored. When I did Jasmuheen's 21-day process twelve years ago, I was taking regular blood pressure readings and weighing myself and taking notes on my physical and mental signs and performance.

I like being scientific about this. It is very interesting. But I will tell no lies or hide the fact if I eat or drink. Also, if I can practice Breatharianism to some extent, that does not guarantee that everybody else could take it to the same level. Each body is made differently. Perhaps there is a genetic factor that makes some individuals better able to last without eating and drinking than are others.

I cannot advocate Breatharianism for anyone. I am so worried that people out there would starve or become dehydrated. Before I switched to Physics, my goal was to become a doctor of medicine, so you can understand my concern. Still, as scientific as I may be, even after five years of college studying science, I know that spirituality is a normal part of the human being. I acknowledge a mind-body connection, and that not all things can be rationalised by science to fit into a test tube. I have experienced incredible things in Breatharianism, that are not written about in the medical books. And I am happy to be back to explore this some more.