Mind what you Focus on

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Breatharianism is not activated automatically or mechanically. If a person simply stops eating and drinking, Breatharianism does not occur. What makes it work, or at least gives it the start, is the decision and choice to want it to happen. One either makes a choice, or one has been led there by intuition which also makes it a spontaneous choice. But if you simply stop eating and drinking without any mental activation of the Breatharian state, then the body starts to develop signs of starvation and dehydration faster.

There is a saying in the teachings of Law Of Attraction, "Energy flows, where attention goes". Everything you put thought and attention into gets some of your energy.

One of the key components of Breatharianism, is Consciousness. One needs to have consciousness, which is a form of attention, on oneself. To be aware of oneself fully, consciously, rather than being fragmented or "unaware". Those who make White Light Breatharianism work and maintain the Breatharian state, spend their time in not only a frequent meditation, but a constant meditation. Your entire life becomes a prayer and all day long feels like being in a temple, as a devoted nun or a monk.

Breatharianism is not intended, or crafted, as a religious cult, one that would tell its practitioners how to act or who to be. Living like in a temple is a natural consequence of Breatharian activation, whether we intended that way or whether we begun our approach in that manner.

Living that way can be hard for most people, and that is why Breatharianism does not work as a permanent style of life for most of us, unless we choose to live in isolation and in constant prayer, pretty much like a religious nun or a monk would. Does that sound like fun? Well that goes hand in hand with Breatharianism, I'm afraid.

You might wonder what's up there on top of that mountain you're trying to reach to on this Breatharian journey? What you find there is a temple, a temple in which you become a nun or monk for the Light of God. That is all there is to it.

Breatharianism is not some product that could be packaged like food is. Access to this nourishing light comes with a great level of spiritual change. It comes from a spiritual source, and so when you live so close to that source that it nourishes your body, you change while in the presence of that Light. But don't try to change just because I say it will happen if you reach that far, just go with the flow and see where it takes you.

But anyway, Breatharianism requires attention on self, also known as consciousness. When consciousness is on external things, Breatharianism shuts down and the light that we are fades away. Because everything we think of, we give our light to. If we think about our problems, we give our light and our energy to those problems and manifest and reinforce those issues in our life. And when we think about new things that we wish to have, those things manifest. But Breatharianism requires all of that force on ourselves, so that we don't waste it on external things.

People who are hectic in their lives that require external attention from them, their jobs or school for instance, will find that their light fades. At times during a lot of tasks at work, or when studying for exams at school, Breatharianism is in my experience impossible, and it is at those times that a person eats more food than they normally do too.

If you live a hectic life or just have jobs and other commitments on the outside in your life, make sure that you take the time to meditate. Treat meditations like mealtimes, and use them to put your consciousness back on yourself for a while. If you can't meditate and life demands its attention from you, then Breatharianism will not work.