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Note that this does not serve as a complete guide to Breatharianism. Just some random bits of advice.

Movement - it is highly recommended that each aspirant of Breatharianism chooses some form of exercise that they enjoy. It has to feel meaningful and comfortable and not a burden. Physical activity brings you much closer with your body and builds the connection that you will need with mind and body, helps you to feel your body and for your body to feel and respond to your mind. Yoga is a popular choice among Breatharian aspirants and there are many different forms of yoga available. Tai Chi and Qigong are also excellent choices. As you become closer to being a Breatharian, you find that harsh movements and anything harsh in your lifestyle become undelectable to you, but slow and comfortable exercise like these can still be tolerable. Some forms of yoga, tai chi and qigong are specifically designed for the intake of Pranic nourishment.

My personal form of exercise is dance and I practice almost daily Arabic belly dance as well as Tribal Fusion, Indian Fusion and Shakti, but am also feeling that as I approach deeper into Breatharianism I begin to tolerate only the milder versions of these and nothing too harsh or quick in movements. The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated. You might also find that you enjoy swimming, or nature walks, for your personal choices. It is not meant to tell someone what to do but the benefits of building and maintaining that mind-body connection and to stay active is tremendous. Give something a try and see if you like it.

Eating - eat for as long as you can and every time you are hungry. This is only a brief statement of this concept, but eating food will never ruin your chances of spiritual Breatharianism. Your physical body will always need the foods that resonate with your nonphysical, and if your nonphysical is not currently in line with the light then your body will keep needing the lower vibrational foods. Even though eating something makes you feel heavier and denser you have to rejoice in the fact that a balanced and healthy body is far more meaningful and improves the quality of life far better than getting ahead of yourself is.

There are many milder alternatives in food for instance it is entirely possible to eat a well-balanced diet of flowers. Chickpeas and sunflower seeds have protein and fat but come from flowers, and fruits and berries are also from flowers. Anything that comes from flowers feels good and harmonic to eat, for those of you who hold suspicion against any and all foods, give flower derived foods a try. And also, get into the habit of never having regret when you have eaten something. But more about this later.

No promises - do not tell anyone else nor yourself that you are or are going to become a Breatharian. Because that builds up an ideal that you then feel that you have to live up to. You need to always remain open to eating foods if the need ever does arise, and sometimes you find yourself in negative environments that lower your energies and makes you eat. The last thing you then need is to feel that you have failed or that people will think of you as a liar. Tell people that you have interest in Breatharianism, but do not tell them that you are someone who never eats. That way when you do eat something, nobody can throw negative vibes at you or disrupt your balance and your rights to eating something. Besides, your soul has an interesting way of maintaining you free. If you tell yourself that you are, in effect, "not allowed" to eat, then you are going to get hungry just so that you can show yourself that sure you are free to eat if you want! Self-imposed restrictions are meant to be broken anyway.

Make no promises of high ideals, and do not even hold Breatharianism as a high ideal, regard it simply as a different alternative. Do not eat in secret, do not binge (eating far too much and getting carried away once you start to where you stuff yourself and can't stop), do not feel embarrassed when you do eat, do not hate on yourself when you do eat, do not ever regret having eaten something, and do not purge (vomiting or laxative). More about this in my book as to why certain behaviors that we think are keeping us more spiritual (such as looking down on food, or regretting when we have eaten something and wishing that it would just all go away) are precisely the things that make us unable to align ourselves with the light.

And do not lie to people about what you ate. If someone who knows that you are into Breatharianism asks you if you have eaten, first of all you shouldn't have told anyone that you are a Breatharian so that you have no high ideals to try to live to, but do not lie to them if you did eat something by pretending that you did not, but instead you have full rights to answering that what you do eat remains a matter that is private and personal to you and that it frankly is nobody's business. Behaviors such as lying about what you have eaten are precisely the things that bring your physical and nonphysical out of balance and make living on light impossible for that time.