How Breatharianism is achieved

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Breatharianism means to Live on Light, obtaining a spiritual source of nourishment which is sufficient to take away the physical hunger and need to eat physical foods. Physical foods, the ones we are all familiar with, become replaced with a lighter material derived from our cosmic surroundings.

I will not be able to write a description or method for its achievement on merely this one page, but rather provide a draft outline of how it is done.

Each thing has a vibrational aspect. Think of it as if all things are emanating a music of their own, or all things being of one or the other color. When two different vibrations meet, they can either ignore one another and remain unaffected by their encounter, or they can interact with one another in vibrational means. And when two vibrations meet and that they are not the same, one being higher in vibrational quality than the other, there are several options for their interaction. The two can either merge and combine, mixed together, the higher one gave of itself and is now itself lowered, and the lower has accepted and has now been raised, and both leave their junction as being one of the same. This is how you mix blue with yellow, and the blue is lowered into green, and the yellow was raised up to green.

Or when the two vibrations meet, where one was higher than the other, the higher can remain in integrity and force the lower higher up. Or the lower can reduce the higher. This vibrational mixing occurs in the encounter of any two things that are of different vibrational qualities. When two people meet and open themselves up to one another in friendship they too will mix vibrations. That is how your mood can be ruined if you interact with someone whose energies are negative, and that is how your always-happy best friend can lift up your moods just by being in your presence.

Disregarding the chemical nature of foods for a while, each food has a vibrational nature as well. Each food has its own composite vibrational aspect, which describes the vibrational quality of itself. Humans are drawn to the foods that vibrationally resonate with their own vibrational selves. Someone whose vibrations are lower and dark, will be drawn to things of equal lower vibration, reflected upon their personal tastes in music, clothing style, as well as choices of food. Foods we eat embrace our bodies and minds with their own vibration, we are eating not only a physical sustenance, but also of a vibrational nature.

The light that we adress as nourishing, is of a very high vibrational quality. But the thing to know about this white light which has the potential to nourish us, is that unlike many things in this creation, the white light of the All has a very high integrity of itself. Integrity means to not want to be ruined or lowered by others. This white light is the highest vibrational material that there is, it is the food of Angels. Now imagine if this white light were blue, and we would be bringing lots of yellow in to feed from it so that the yellow could achieve a green state. Well the blue would continuously be diminished and it would be sacrificed and ruined, and there would be no more blue.

The white light of the Ether, which is what this is, will not be lowered, because that would defeat its purpose. It will not come down to you, rather, you are the one who will have to come up to it if you two are to encounter and meet. White light is high vibrational, and if it were to come down to our lower vibrational spheres, then the white light would have to reduce its own vibration, in order to crawl down to where we are. And the white light always remains and is what it is, it cannot be lowered, not even if we ask it to, nor should we ever ask the light to become less than what it is.

So the way in which to access this white light of the Ether, is for us to climb up to where it is. And we do so vibrationally. Think of the white light as delicious fruits hanging off the branches of a tall tree. We cannot reach up to eat of them until we find ways of reaching higher up to where they are.

That which makes our own vibrational nature, it primarily consists of the following three things: our thoughts, our emotions, and what is our consciousness. These are the primary generators and maintainers of our vibrational nonphysical individual expression. Our thoughts, our emotions, our consciousness, is raised up to the same level of the highest All, if we are to be living on its light.

I make many mention of the All. The All is simply the everything, the universe.

I do not teach the pranic living on light at all. Prana is a golden sparkly substance, which is more readily available. It is very similar, if not somehow physically inherently the same, as the force and sparks of electrons and electric energy in the universe. It can be drawn in, in similar ways as an antenna pulls in the force of lightning. This is how prana is found in the air, as well as across healthy live trees and good quality clean foods such as organic fruits. Prana exists and can be extracted from various such chemical sources. Prana is the electricity that exists between the atoms, and is not much different from making your body a device that pulls in electrical sparks from the atmosphere. (Don't start experimenting with electricity or electronic devices. Those are still not the same, for reasons I could explain.)

The white light of the Ether is a wholly other nutritional substance than is the Prana, and the white light is also attained by entirely different means. To live on Prana, you are still a physical being of this earth, but to live on the white light of the All you would be and become an Angel of the Light, a being of Light, a light being.

So in clear and simple language, how does one attain living on the conscious light of All. In its shortest version, each human has its own vibrational aspect and consciousness level. This vibration of a human comes from its thoughts, emotions, and consciousness aspect. And only when the consciousness level has raised high enough up to be resonant with the white light of the All, can the white light look at your body and think of you as part of the things in which it exists. You become part of the vessel, the very body, of the light, and it flows through you as it does through other parts of the universe. Humans in general are cut off from being part of the All and will not have the white light being part of their circulatory system.

When all seven main chakras of a human are active, open, and strong, the beauty of what happens is that the violet chakra is open as are all inferior ones, and all the colors of the rainbow of chakras merge as one and turn back into the light. It is the opposite action of what a prism does, when it takes the white light and spreads it out into the rainbow of colors. This human now activates their light body. The violet chakra brings in white light from above, and the white light now considers your body as part of its own, and your human body transforms, and you become a being of light, like the Angels.

What can happen if this progression is taken even further, is that the violet chakra itself will turn white. If even farther, the indigo chakra it also turns white. And this can continue. Around this time a golden halo appears around head and shoulders. Gold in the aura is the sign of an Avatar, an Ascended Being, a Divine One, and often, a teacher, a giver, a bringer. Very often these masters will also have pink in their aura, pink is the color of Unconditional Love. The Light Being that is now in connection with the white light of the All, has white as the color of their aura. And this is very rare. I can teach how it is attained, but the individual is the one who does all the work with themself.

Ironically, perhaps as much as every single human on this earth who feels drawn to the concepts of living on light, has already come from such a world where living on light is possible. The light beings of earth have already come from other higher worlds, and are here to bring their light and peace into this existence. We are not talking about humans who for some reason realize an interest in this very advanced topic. You are all, no doubt, already the teachers. If you are able to resonate with "living on light" as a topic that you find appealing then you are most likely already from the light before you were born in this world.

Light is the food of Angels.

So the question is to raise your vibrations up to where the white light of the Ether vibrates. To bring your vibration up so high that everything which you are, including your physical body, is raised up to being vibrant in the realm of the Angels. So, in other words, how does one think like an Angel, feel emotions like that of an Angel, or have the Consciousness of the Angels? And that is the work that you need to do. And that is all that you do in order to reach the Living on White Light of the Ether of All.

Since this topic, of Living on Light, is of most concern to people in respects of "how" it is done and "what" to make it safe, and I must emphasize on the specific steps that you take. Safety is my main concerns for you all.

Continue to reading on this website as I describe further on how this all is done.

We love you all
- Arcturians