Introduction to Breatharianism

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Living on Light, or Breatharianism, is the experience of divine nourishment from the White Light of the Ether, attainable only through Consciousness.

The way that I teach it, is centered on the concepts of Consciousness, having living on light as a natural consequence when consciousness is high enough, and the methodology centered on emotional balance and healing as ways of reaching your highest level of consciousness at this time, and if high enough, living on light will be attainable.

All things have a vibrational aspect. That vibration describes - and is - the very composition of a thing. Do not be fooled to think that things can be solid! Even science now knows that we are only being fooled by our senses. All things are vibration. Vibrational information also describes, other than the body structure of a thing, all matter of consciousness related to that object. Its thoughts, responses, essence in a way. The composite vibrational aspect can collectively be thought of as having one composite vibrational quality. This one composite vibrational quality can then be placed along a grading scale, to determine what its level of consciousness is.

The vibrational quality of a human comes not only from his or her physical body matter, but has complement of emotions, thoughts, beliefs - all manner of non-physical are a matter of vibration. All that they are, become together the vibrational aspect of the being. And that human is then placed upon a grading scale, as to the level of its consciousness.

When level of consciousness is high enough, we are talking about Avatars and Ascended beings, the Masters, and the Saints. Godlike divine entities, whose consciousness is beyond this world. That is the level to be attained, if living on light is to be attained.

The way that it relates to food, and the choices but also needs that we have in the things that we eat, is that all is related to the level of consciousness in foods, as what we are. If a human is dense, it will wish to eat foods that also have that denseness, so that foods can reinforce what you are. In order to be able to let go of (physical, dense) foods, you must first become a non-physical being, as a person.

I teach that living on light is only attainable through emotional work and in consciousness, and not by means of any progressive - what I call - a food ladder

A "food ladder" is what I call a progressive letting-go of foods at increasing vibration. One would go through a systematic methodology where red meats and alcohol are let go of first, and then go the next-densest vibrational foods such as cooked food or other animal products, leading to fruitarianism, raw foodism, liquidarianism, and ultimately dry fasts with attempts at living on light, without any physical sustenance. Such a "food ladder" approach is a forced approach and can also lead to harm, struggles, and suffering - not to mention hunger!

Whereas growing and developing on the emotional, leads one to gradually and on your own develop a higher vibrational existence, coming from what your emotions, thoughts, and other aspects of self can be, and that way, you become to crave only the higher-vibrational foods, that now are a vibrational match with who you are as a being.

One can only attract the light, by being resonant with the light. And that cannot be attained by approachs of the "food ladder". That is why so many people get into trouble.

Did you know that people who are more aggressive, stressed, and dense-vibrational in their mind and spiritual expression, tend to gravitate toward the denser foods for consumption, such as the red meats and alcohol, and craving to always have a full belly? Whereas someone who is of a higher-vibrational nature, will be capable of pulling off that thing called vegetarianism. Whereas the angry-type of person would always starve without their meat. Why do you think so many spiritual and New Age people gravitate towards vegetarianism and veganism? It isn't only for ethical reasons and compassion toward the food animals! Such higher-vibrational food better resonates with a spiritual, albeit compassionate person!

What do people do when life throws anger and resentment at them? Depression and heart-ache? They reach for the alcohol, or for the cake and ice-cream, or their other favorite dense, comfort foods. Let that be a reminder of how this works. People, and whether they are into Breatharianism or not, all gravitate toward the foods that are a vibrational match!

So to have this thing called Breatharianism naturally and spontaneously manifest, one needs to already put themselves emotionally, and spiritually, in a place with which it resonates.

Love You All