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All things have a vibrational aspect, and each can be placed on a grading scale of vibrational quality. Every thought, emotion, belief, and expectation, has a vibrational aspect. Every thing, every food, each person, carries its own composite vibrational aspect. When two vibrations meet, they will either ignore one another or mingle. And in such a vibrational interaction, one can change the characteristic of the other, or both may agree to meet in the middle, having changed to being closer to what the other was, and having lost some of what it used to be.

Each food carries its own vibrational quality. Persons who are higher-vibrational in thought, emotion and consciousness, tend to feel a dissonance to the heaviest densest vibrating foods here on earth. Foods such as meats, dairy, bread, are things that are heavier and the person craves to eat foods that feel lighter, such as raw vegetables and ultimately only fresh fruit and clear water. For when the vibrational quality of a person's nonphysical self (thoughts, emotions, consciousness) is higher in vibration than the foods we eat, we tend to crave for other types of, higher-vibrational foods.

A Light Being is someone who has activated all seven chakras of their body and has enabled the violet seventh chakra to turn white and activate the light body. The light body is when white light enters in through the top white chakra and fills up the entire body if it will. It takes a great deal of alignment to be able to activate a light body. Think of it as a circuit, or a channel system for water, where each section must be enabled.

Most humans have a black base color of the aura. And on top of this they have some color, usually one of red, orange, yellow, blue, or green. To be a person of white light aura, one has to have activated all seven chakras and turned on the light body. This is a very advanced feat, as it requires not only thought, emotion, and consciousness that is way beyond what is typically the norm, such as extrasensory perception and a religious consciousness of things other than the frame of self. Very few on earth have their light body active, and it is usually seen only among persons who are highly spiritual or religious in their lives. A few priests of some religions have their light body active.

Why is religion a necessary part of activating the light body? Religious or spiritual awareness is a form of consciousness on the higher order, which enables one to consciously understand concepts of being one with the world, all being connected as one, and having a conscious perception of the universe on a larger scale that goes beyond self. Awareness of time not being linear, and conscious access into higher dimensional awareness, become accessible. Religious awareness represents being aware of things beyond the mere human self, and is a natural next step in the expansion of consciousness.

Red chakra consciousness -
Orange chakra consciousness -
Yellow chakra consciousness -
Green chakra consciousness -
Blue chakra consciousness -
Indigo chakra consciousness -
Violet chakra consciousness -
I am alive
I can impart affect on the world around me
The world around me can impart affect onto me
The relations and interaction between myself and the world
Expression of self, being run by a force and a calling beyond self
Extrasensory perception, reach into other dimensions and heightened senses
Concepts beyond self, and having self be part of that which is beyond self

The consciousness of white light ties together all predecessory levels of consciousness, and chakras begin turning white, one after another, starting from the one at the top. One achieves the light body so long as the violet chakra turns white, and for the lower ones continuing through the indigo is not necessary for our purposes of living on light. One should never try to achieve higher consciousness or activation of light body when it is not ready, or it is literally like throwing oneself off the cliff before the wings have matured.

There are two forms of living on light: one is the Pranic version, where sustenance is derived from a golden substance that exists in between the atoms and in the material world. Most of the Prana is found floating around in the air. Prana is very similar to electric sparks and may in fact be the same. The other form of living on light is the White Light version, nourishment comes directly off the White Light Ether. The Ether is the room where space itself is in. The Ether is like the backstage area behind the stage of the theatre we call life and this world.

Due to the high integrity of the white light of the Ether, it does not go where it isn't already. Because in the interaction of two vibrational things, the Ether being of the highest vibration, anything it touches and mingles with will be of lower vibrational value than itself, and so if the light of the Ether were to flow past many things, not only would it be disrupting the order of the universe, the Ether itself would also be degraded.

One has to be the White Light for it to consider your body and mind as part of its flow. White Light of the Ether is a high vibrational concept, and for it to pass through your body, your nonphysical - vibrational - self must already align with it vibrationally. Or it will not come. And that means your thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.

I want to show you a very special person whom I love so much, he is Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and is one of those few special ones who has activated his white light body Working With Light, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Part 1 of 11. He also has a lot of blue from his blue chakra which comes about as he speaks. Public speakers often develop a lot of blue when they are speaking and teaching as part of doing so for a greater cause.