Living as a Light Being

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Every thought, emotion, belief, expectation, and act, carries its own vibrational aspect. A Light Being is someone who has activated the light body. But the light body is easily deactivated, by anything that you make part of yourself that is lower than the light.

Thoughts, emotions, consciousness, and acts. Those are what make your nonphysical self, and the nonphysical in turn makes the physical. To reach activation of light body and living in light, we work with our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, to raise our nonphysical vibrations, such that the physical can live in - and on - the higher vibrational.

The principle of Breatharianism will not tell you who to be, how to think, what to feel, or how to act. That is entirely up to you, as you discover yourself, in loving consciousness. But each thought, emotion, act, has a vibrational aspect. Living on light (White Light Breatharianism) is only possible while thoughts, emotions, and consciousness are in alignment with the white light of The All.

When your light body activates and you find yourself living in the light, things change. The light changes you, as it adopts you into its own. Thoughts and emotions change, and it becomes impossible for you to stress, feel anger, feel resentment, or any of the other negative emotions that feel "bad" when we have them. You just won't have it "in you" any longer to carry these thoughts and emotions. This is not saying to you how to be, and you should never fake how you really feel and think. Living in Light carries its own consequence, as you become the light, you start to think and feel as the light does.

Many activities are no longer interesting to you while you are living in the light. You won't want to watch television. Programs such as news or sports feel far too harsh to you. Most ordinary people are living in alignment with lower vibrational things, and they do not notice that anything in their environment would be harsh in vibration, because they are already themselves in alignment with those. It is only when we rise higher, or lower, from that, when we can feel the dissonance.

We all know, whether we are into Breatharianism or not, how music is a personal choice. Each chooses a music that feels resonant with themselves, that feels like a part of their own emotions, and that seems to feed vibrational energy into them that reinforces who they are and how they feel. And music choices change as we change. As a person moves higher up in vibrational quality, they start to gravitate toward music that is ambient, and ultimate for a person who is fully embrace in the light, there is no music that can contribute with anything, all music can only lower how you already feel in the light.

For a light being, many things around you become harsh and intolerable. Clothing, places, speech. A person who is fully enveloped into the light will want to isolate themselves and live without the disturbance from other people. When all things are found in the light, and the light satisfies all of our needs, there is no need to do anything any longer. Any thought, emotion, or activity, would only detract from what is already there in the light.

And so many who find the light become utterly bored with life. There is nothing that they feel a need to do. However a person living in light does not ever feel stress or boredom. The sense of time changes.

The voice changes into something soft. And you will find yourself avoiding to use certain words, in exchange for using another synonym that "feels" better to say instead, and you might even break rules of syntax and grammar all to make the sentences that you give out, feel better. (If you find grammatical errors here on this website, it is for that particular reason alone.)

Living in light also tends to make a person celibat.

So you see, that the abstaining from physical food and water is only one part of the changes that appear. Life gravitates toward higher vibrational versions, in all things. Not just food, but also clothing style, music, speech, etc, and all tend toward abstaining.

Living in light also makes you want to get rid of physical possessions, and a lack of money no longer stresses you. It literally feels like having millions of dollars of endless money, because in a sense, you feel as if all needs are fulfilled. Not just in food, but in all things. And if one used to strive to live in a big elaborate house, one might be surprised to find that even the humblest of living conditions are enough. One might feel able to live with someone else and only ask for a corner of a room, and many develop an intense wish to live out in nature.

So you see that there is a huge personality- and behavior change when you enter into the world of living in light. Most people would tentatively not want to enter into such a living. "Can I really ever truly feel like I don't care for money or shopping or for having a big house?" Some of these changes are really hard for most of us to even imagine, and when we think of some yogis or gurus living in a cave somewhere and all they want to do is meditate, we have to tell ourselves that they are deluded and that they are pretending, or that they are choosing some excrutiating abstinence only to torment themselves. But all things are found in the light - if we find the light.

Some religions and spiritual practices advise for their followers to adopt minimalism and abstinence in order to reach to higher spiritual levels. That is a physical approach, and in terms of food and fasting, that is like doing the food ladder, which is when we would choose to give up foods one at a time, in order to bring our physical up to a higher vibration, so hoping that our nonphysical would follow, and spirituality would be possible. But I advocate purely the nonphysical approach, to change what our thoughts, feelings, consciousness, and true and genuine self is, first, and then to let anything physical follow.

By following a nonphysical approach, we always stay true to ourselves, and we are not simply doing what someone else was doing, but we always do what feels right to ourselves. This also ensures that we always eat what foods our body asks for and can accept, rather than trying to discard the foods in a physical approach in hopes of bringing oneself higher up vibrationally.

At times when I reach higher up into living in light, I come to refer to myself as a "Breatharian nun". It truly feels like having devoted myself into life at God's temple. My body becomes the temple of God's Light of the All.

But many things are impossible while living in the light. One can no longer revel in the physical. In fact the major reason why many turn back after having reached into the light, is because they can no longer have meals with their friends and loved ones, and this creates a huge gap in between them and the people around them. Most choose to sacrifice the beauties that they find in the light, all in order to honor the people whom they love. And, after all, this is a physical world, so while you can remain anchored enough to have some physical foods, go for it while you can. Because there comes a time when the soul grows so high in consciousness, that we are too close to the All to ever lose touch of reality again (reality being that we are all in the light).

Dancing is something that means the world to me. In fact as much as I find in Breatharianism, my chosen form of religion, dancing means even more to me because it helps to bring me closer to a physical reality and my body. Living in light makes many physical things and activities no longer appealing to the light being. And I know that personally if living in light makes me no longer love dance I would rather give up living in light. Everyone makes their personal choice, and living in light is so vastly different and "far out there" that it is incompatible with many other things in our lives.