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This page is not a complete guide and each of the topics below are deserving of their own expansions.

Dear Beautiful Things,

Breatharianism is a strange thing to those who would never consider it, but then there are people who feel so drawn to it that they find themselves on the path time and time again, as if they had no choice, or as if their higher selves were leading them. Here, let's talk about some of the things that make the Breatharian experience work, and other things that make it not happen.

Breatharianism is an interesting and beautiful physiological and spiritual experience. It is characterized by the loss of appetite, hunger and thirst even for extended periods of time, the duration of which varies in each experience but can last up to several days, or even weeks or longer. What is peculiar about the Breatharian experience is that while the person is not eating and in some cases not drinking either, none of the symptoms of starvation or thirst appear on the body, mind, or functioning. The person does not develop a dry mouth, fatigue, weakness, and so forth. Some things play part in activating the Breatharian experience, and other factors will keep it from happening or ruin one that was there.

Choice -
Usually what triggers a Breatharian experience is that the person makes a 'choice' to activate that physiological spiritual state. This 'choice' can also come in the form of intuitive or spiritual calling. It is the times when it feels right, when one is aligned with the experience and can let the body enjoy a state in which the spirit already is. However Breatharianism won't work if the person simply stops eating and drinking but has not made the spiritual shift in their minds. But making the choice is not all that is required, but without the alignment of choice it does not happen.

Emotional balance -
Breatharianism works when the spiritual nonphysical aspect of a person is on a very high level vibrationally. Only then can the physical body be brought up to a higher-vibrational state in which living on light is possible. But part of what makes up our nonphysical selves, are the emotions. Our emotions are vibrational matter that shape and affect our nonphysical aspect, and this in turn translates into what possibilities - both health and disorders - the physical body will have. When we intend to align ourselves with the Breatharian possibility, this is only possible while in an emotionally harmonious state. No feelings such as anger, resentment, hatred, fear, stress, sadness, guilt, shame, or other of the negative emotions can be had or they distort the nonphysical body and that puts the physical body not aligned with the light. So - emotional harmony enables Breatharianism - whereas negative emotions make it not possible and once they appear can ruin Breatharianism that was already in place.

However, it must be said, that do not simply deny your current emotions or try or pretend to be in emotional harmony, because if you deny, ignore, or pretend then you are acting in unconsciousness and that blocks you doubly because now you have both emotional disharmony and you have created some more unconsciousness!

Emotional cleansing -
When you attempt at Breatharianism, you are telling your nonphysical body to align with the light (basically with perfection) and you are asking your body to do the same. However your nonphysical body may not be in alignment with the light at this time and by no means your emotions. That is when emotional cleansing starts to occur. The parts where your emotions do not align with light, those bits start acting out and making themselves known in the friction between two states. And this is where it gets tricky. Humans will be surprised to know how much emotional suffering they carry inside. You see, every time you were hurt or even as much as startled as a baby or experienced something uncomfortable in your life, gets stored in your emotional body in the form of an imperfection. Even though you don't recall those times today and if you now today think that those events were not traumatizing in particular, they were still the experiences of your past.

To stop eating and drinking while with the intent of living on light is pushing your emotional body into alignment with the light and that begins to dislodge all of the emotional suffering that you didn't even know you had! While "fasting", as this is called since light is still not your nourishment, there can be a lot of extreme emotions. Intense rage, crying and sadness, fears, not feeling loved, it can be a hurricane of emotions. One can then develop "emotional hungers", the feeling to need to eat in order to reestablish balance between physical and nonphysical, because if you eat a food that resonates with the density of the emotions then the body is brought back in line with the emotional system. Yet if you do not eat at this stage, the emotions grow stronger and stronger and this imbalanced state between body and mind can even kill you, by means of starvation. For real! The body is never nourished while physical and nonphysical are not aligned, and whenever the nonphysical is not aligned with the light, the physical body still needs to eat physical foods and should deserve to do so.

You either consciously lift up the emotions and process them with love, care and consciousness and watch them then dissolve (and your light literally brighten as that part of you untangled from dark and into being part of your lightbody). Or you choose to embrace the emotion physically by eating the foods that you now crave which are exact foods that resonate vibrationally with the emotion, and nonphysical and physical find one another again and all is well.

You are not allowed to linger on in the suffering of these emotions for far too long, because while you are in this state of emotional suffering, which at this time will feel like hunger (because it is hunger), the physical body will disintegrate and starve. Starvation is not some "illusion". It is very real when physical still vibrates at less than light and is denied of the foods that it needs to build itself. Do not starve. Always work towards both physical and spiritual comfort and nourishment, and sometimes even on this path that source is the physical foods.

There is more to be said about this particular topic and I will elaborate elsewhere.

Foods are a beautiful thing! As beautiful as the light! Only vibrating more slowly. Love them. Love your body. Eat lower vibrational foods when your body needs to.