Meditation and Mind

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Every thought is a vibrational structure created by yourself. Thoughts are not without substance, nor are they private, for they consist of the same vibrational stuff that all things are made of, and they interact with the world around us and with our bodies.

Meditation is simply deliberate and conscious thinking and feeling, to stop thoughts from running out of control and choosing a moment in which to create constructive and healing vibrational structures, that define you and your life, and the world around you.

Light body activation meditation - forehead

The collective of your thoughts define kind of a vibrational pattern across your brain and your head. A person who is able to live on White Light Breatharianism (as opposed to Pranic Breatharianism, which is another form) has activated their light body and the vibrational stuff across the body is now white light. This is very rare, and almost every single human is covered by a black vibrational substance, coming from their thoughts, emotions, chakra condition and energy body.

One of the best meditations is to choose the light. Everyone can do this whether you aim for White Light Breatharianism or not.

Become aware of a small point at the center of your forehead. It should be precisely in one particular place but without going into too much detail to describe its exact location, if you are working on an adjacent location most of the effect will find its way to it.

This meditation can be done with eyes closed or eyes open, either way. Imagine that this spot on your forehead contains the brightest white light. This light is dense such that you cannot see through it and it replaces the area where you previously would have imagined seeing part of your body. The light does not escape this point, ie. it does not "shine" or spread diffusely into nearby regions, but occupies a sharply defined boundary.

Just spend some time imagining that you have such a white spot on the forehead. It is about one and a half centimeters across. If you can go on for the rest of the day keeping this image of yourself that would be great.

What you are doing is effectively changing the vibrational tuning that affects the frontal lobe of the brain, the thinking part of the brain. It is like taking a screwdriver and turning the vibrational quality up a notch. And, depending on how sensitive you are to feeling vibrations and moods and emotions, you will begin to feel that the entire factory that is in your head from which emanates the vibrational stuff of thought, is now putting out good and high vibrational feeling vibes.

This is very good for you and everybody will benefit from this. Focusing on this particular spot is so effective that you won't really need to meditate on bringing in light anywhere else on the body. One might think that the top of the seventh chakra is the place to make light, but this point on the forehead is the center of how you are feeling, and from it emanates most of your creation, ranging from your moods, your thoughts, events that manifest in your life, health of your body, and so forth.