Raw Food

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Raw food is a diet consisting of only uncooked foods. Raw vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts. I also include some raw sashimi-grade fish.

Annette Larkins

Mimi Kirk

All foods have a vibration
One way to understand food is to consider the molecules that it contains, the chemical, material content. But all things are vibrations. Each food, as all things, has its own vibrational quality. Some of the highest vibrational foods are raw foods.

Raw food is a high-vibrational choice
There is a wide variety of foods available today. And each person gravitates toward the foods that resonate with the vibrational level of that person.

Raw food is a safe stage if contemplating Breatharianism
If you are contemplating on Breatharianism, Raw Food is perhaps the best place for you. Raw food can provide with all the physical nutrition for the physical human body, but also gives the higher vibrational life that you gravitate towards.

How to make Raw Food work
A Raw Food diet contains many options for what to eat. Vegetables, fruit, sea vegetables, seeds, nuts. I also add some raw sashimi-grade fish and am going to try raw egg. The first few days on raw food can feel difficult, with emotional adjustment and changes to habits, and trying to figure out what to eat, when to eat, in what combinations. There can also be a first few days of headaches.