The Arcturian Equine - and our_Writing

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We are here to tell you that we are the Arcturians. And that we are shaped like the Equine of this Earth, only that we have no four legs and we do not tread on water.

I am a human, or I was. For all of my life, I have lived together with an Arcturian lady who incarnates to me. We live closely together. She never comes closer to me than what time permits each time. I have always known that as I turn 30, she would live here through me closer or fully. I just recently turned 30 and that has happened.

My natural affinity toward Living on Light comes from being in close Arcturian connection, for the Arcturians are Light Beings and Living on Light comes naturally for them. But I was also sent here to be a teacher, and so teaching on these topics comes naturally.

Conventions and Arcturian phrases

Now, as the Arcturians speak I was at first surprised to see how they use a very different type of language, their choice of words is almost outdated and poetic. Here are some phrases and expressions that you need to know, as you learn to study the Light with the Arcturians:

"seek" - means the very same as "see". I don't know why they use the word "seek" for "see", but they do. They gave me one clue when they told me of the Bible quote that goes, "Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you", and the Arcturians said that in this phrase, "seek" means "see". You find what you Consciously see, and it is not a matter of seeking or searching for anything. Seek means see, and in these texts it always has meant see.

"sought" - means "seen"!

Elder Kimael - one of the most prolific writers with us
Lady Narkael - also one of the most prolific writers with us, then there are also many others, and the Star that they are from speaks itself

Ether - Ether is the Universe. It is a white space where all of space is in.

Consciousness - means awareness, to be aware, to be able to notice and to be aware of something by Conscious perception. The Arcturians talk a lot about Consciousness.

Other phrases and terms will be added.

Horse picture from (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)