Breatharianism is not an Eating Disorder

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Those who have not experienced fasting or the Breatharian state may claim that Breatharianism is an eating disorder. But this is not true.

I found my way to Breatharianism when one day I ate a piece of grilled meat, by itself and nothing else with it, and I got dizzy. That was the first time I realized that food has an effect on the human body! What a discovery! No one had told me that! I was taught, like all other people believe, that all you need to know about food is that anything goes and just eat regularly to keep hunger away, and it is most important that food tastes good. This was a life changing discovery that set me apart from everyone else. I was to become a conscious eater.

If food has an effect on the body, what are the best foods to eat? Are some foods harmful? I began to research heavily into this, and that of course led me to vegetarianism. I let meat go. This was phenomenal, especially at the time when I did it. I became one of only a handful of vegetarians in my high school of 1400 people, so it was rare.

I must say it wasn't easy to go against the norm, and to have to be conscious when everybody else lives in comfortable slumber without regard to their actions and consequences. To be awake and a thinking conscious person in a world where other people just don't think or care. I used to be one of those persons, and being a conscious thinker makes the world less pretty than we thought that it was, but also opens up for greater potentials. But it is not an easy path to go.

At a health seminar at high school we learned that people can also be vegan. So I switched to veganism. It isn't just about what literature says about healthy eating, I was also beginning to feel foods. Each food had its own vibration, and that imparted on the vibration of me, and that in turn effects how me and my body feels, and that is what results in the overall sense of health, as well as in the physical manifestation of health on the physical human body.

Now, Breatharianism can be "done" in a number of ways and it is done by a number of people. But essentially Breatharianism relies on fasting and on conscious choices in eating. The way that I practice and share my experiences of Breatharianism says to always eat what the body asks for, and to be conscious of what the body is asking for. Doing this results in a varying degree of how much one eats and drinks, and has the potential of leading to eating very little or none for extended periods of time. It results in a body that is visibly healthier and healing. The healing and lifespan promoting effects of fasting have been documented by science.

Someone who is hungry and their body needs to eat, they do have an eating disorder for sure. Or someone who is deliberately starving the body in order to lose weight, also has an eating disorder because you are hurting the body. Someone who purges food after they eat, whether inducing vomiting or using a laxative, I say also has an eating disorder because they are offending and harming the body.

But to eat consciously, to be aware of what you are eating and to feel the food and to feel the effects that that food has on the body, and to set your mind on eating things that are healthier, bring you to the discovery that the body really needs very little compared to how much people are eating. Yes, there are proteins in vegan food sources, and yes meat is a carcinogen and a typical Western diet leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, gall stones, kidney stones, obesity, cancer, wrinkles, ageing, and all of that. Breatharianism is about being sensitive and consciously responsible for the vibrational quality of food and to prefer to stay on a healthier higher potential, rather than on the track to disease, ageing and premature death after long years of suffering because of being aligned with lower vibrations and consequent lower vibrational eating.

This society lets people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol (alcohol stiffens the blood vessels and increases the likelihood of blood vessels breaking, which can lead to stroke and brain damage, and also ruins tissue structure in the various organs and across the body). People are allowed to have very poor eating habits. A lot of people eat nothing but junk food without any nutrients and their bodies become very unhealthy. Now this is allowed, this is perfectly acceptable to society.

But when someone wants to make conscious choices in eating and to align themselves with health then that is frowned upon, simply because it is so rare!

I do not have an eating disorder and I never have. I eat everything that the body asks for, whether it goes with my current "regime" of eating or not. I don't make rigid frameworks for what I may or may not eat. For instance I chose to be vegan and was vegan for many years, but one day after a day at the gym my body asks for an omelette. Having one would ruin the regime, but I had one anyway and it doesn't bother me.

I am now again reaching toward Breatharianism, after years on the American college diet, and I've been vegan for several weeks and on mostly unprocessed raw healthy foods. But two days ago my body asks for ice-cream. So I had some. I have every food that my body craves for, I don't hide the fact, and I don't feel guilty over eating it.

Whether Breatharianism leads to an actual state where a person can live without eating or drinking anything forever and ever, I do not know. Everyone who has claimed for that to be possible has been caught eating and lying about their accomplishments, so perhaps "true Breatharianism" is nothing but a lie and a desired dream floating around, always out of reach. But persons who practice the Breatharian path are moving closer toward such a state.

I don't eat very much. I am not underweight or weak. I don't think about food much and I don't obsess about food. I don't deny my body of anything that it asks for. I don't feel guilty if I eat. I have never induced vomiting and I have never done purging. I do not have an eating disorder.

Average people eat too much, far more than their body needs, and they are so unaware of the vibrational quality of their foods and consumption patterns and of the vibrational nature of their body, health and emotions that they are completely nonresponsive as their body develops sickness, aging and premature death after long years of suffering. THIS is the eating disorder.